Note: This is not a quotation. These prices are for assisting budgeting purposes only.
Pool Price @ $1200.00 per Lineal Meter (Average Size Pools)
5 x 3 m Plunge Pool   
6 x 3 m   
7 x 4 m   
8 x 4 m   
9 x 4 m   
15 x 2.5 m Lap Pool   
Extra for limited access
Remove Soil from Site
Pool Heating
25 m2 Solar Heating
Solar Replacement Heat Pumps from
Separate Spa Attached to Pool
1200mm deep 6 spa jets / Bubbler
Gas Spa Heater
1 x light is Included in the Base pool price
Extra Lights
Multi Coloured L.E.D Lights
Waterline tile bands
Improve the life of your interior
Ceramic Tiles from
Glass Tiles From
Interior Finish
The basic pebble interior comes in a choice of five colours. This can be upgraded as follows
Aristone Interiors from
Quartzon Interiors from
Jewels for Pools
$100 per lineal
metre extra
Automatic Pool Cleaners
A Suction Type Pool cleaner is included in the Base Pool price. These can be upgraded as follows
Polaris with Booster Pump
Automated in-floor cleaning system
Pool Automation
Fully automate your pool
Mid-Range System
Fully Programmable System
Feature Walls
Comes with a sheer descent and a selection of Stacked Stone finishes
2 x 1m Wall 600 Sheer Descent
3 x 1m Wall 1200 Sheer Descent

Design Construction Equipment